Many people feel that there is not much they can do to help websites like ours: websites that support free speech and debate on controversial issues. One must realize that debating is a tool to reach the truth. However, there is quite a number of generous ways to help

Here are some ways you can help ranked for its effectiveness!

  1. You can have your website or blog link to ours using HTML:
    <a href="" title="Armenian Genocide">Armenian Genocide</a>
  2. You can carry our website link in the signature area of a forum using BBCode if the forum allows it:
    [url=]Armenian Genocide[/url]
  3. You can write emails to owners of blogs and websites requesting them to help by linking to us using HTML or BBCode provided above!
  4. You can write articles and/or reviews of in news websites and forums, you can even email your local newspapers to write an article to endorse AGD.

Providing help in any way is much appreciated by our staff and we hope you can provide us with tips as well using our Contact form!

Armenian Genocide