Armenian propagandists have been trying for years to shut down Turkish-sided websites in order to show a 1-sided view to the world. Some hosting companies who have Armenian workers will actually shut down these sites because of their nationalistic agenda. While Armenian propaganda sites talk about the horrors of an alleged Armenian Genocide with gruesome pictures and pictures of monuments (by pretending that pictures of unknown origin prove genocide and intent), Turkish sites usually have articles and content directly debating and disproving the Armenian Genocide Theory. Many sites provide evidence, supporting evidence, and provide a conclusion and the user has to decide whether the conclusion is accurate based on the evidence. I have personally met many people around the world that have later changed their mind about the issue after talking to Turks because he/she found that the Armenians were less convincing and had no evidence of a genocide, because they kept using pictures and horror stories to convince rather than facts and documents.

Armenian Propagandists on the Internet

Nowadays, it seems Armenian propagandists are targeting wikipedia and facebook groups. Many Turkish groups that have no intentions to even attack Armenians have been closed simply because they belong to Turks. Armenians try their best to be administrators at these sites so that they may have the power to continue their nationalistic agenda. They have closed facebook groups that have opposing views to the Armenian Genocide Theory, while groups that support the Armenian Genocide Theory are not removed even though they seem to be a hate fest for Armenians and others who hate Turks. Many sources tell us that there are Armenian committee agents that are paid specifically to spend their time in the internet to gather information and distribute propaganda to ensure that the Armenian genocide theory is never questioned and questioning the Armenian genocide theory will get you labeled as a hater, a propagandist, or a heretic.


There are groups such as "Boycott Turkey" in Facebook which claim the Turks not only committed genocide to Armenians but to almost every minority in the planet, apparently Turks are an evil race of monsters. Other groups like "Keep Turkey out of EU" and some of them with racist titles against Turks are still standing. If most Armenians thought with an open-mind they would debate and openly argue the Armenian Genocide Theory, before claiming that it is a "fact". If they were open-minded they wouldn't care about opposing views just like the Turks, because if they are right, what do they have to fear? The problem is, they are a hair-line away from their theory becoming dismissed immediately by the historical community of the world. Any day, an Armenian might wake up to find that the Armenian genocide has been agreed upon by historians that the Armenian genocide doesn't exist and is a work of world war I propaganda and the only purpose of it is to ignite hate and prejudice against Turks, and to receive reparations and land from the current Turkish government for denying it.

The Armenian Fear

What they fear is that average people around the world who are not historians and who have not studied the issue will one day figure out that the Armenians are creating all this hate as a nationalistic goal to force Turkey to pay reparations to poor Armenia and give back land conquered centuries ago such as their beloved Mountain Ararat (Mount Agri) back to Armenia. If someone believes this to be an untrue claim, just look at pictures of protests where they hold up signs like "Eastern Turkey IS Western Armenia", or when they make public meetings about how they will "integrate erzurum, van, kars, adana.." and other cities back into Armenian infrastructure and Armenian economy. They haven't even proven the genocide, and yet they are already discussing how they will split the spoils of war. They fear that one day, average people will stop listening to their horror stories and propaganda and see right through them. They fear that their nationalistic agenda will fail, and Turks will be accepted as equals in the world. This is not the fault of Armenians, it is the fault of generations of education through their churches and school systems that preach hate instead of love, and force Armenian individuals to revolve their world around an event 90 years ago. They will relentlessly try to convince politicians to listen to them by flooding their offices with letters and telephone calls; I just hope politicians are not that easily convinced.

A propaganda tool of the Armenians

Even when H.R. 106 (The Armenian genocide resolution) tried to pass through congress in 2007, they brought in 90 year old Armenain-American senior citizens in wheelchairs to tell horror stories about Turkish massacres; apparently, politicians are dumb enough to think that someone who is ~90 years old can remember an event that is 92 years old. While in Turkey there are real 110 year old men in these ancient villages who have been recorded telling many horror stories of Armenian rebel gangs massacring and burning villages mercilessly, in hopes to provoke Turks to massacre Armenians, in order to get all Armenians to rebel (even the ones who had previously refused to).