The Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.R. 106) was created to condemn and insult Turkey in order to promote more Turkish hatred by the outside world. This hatred will form the impetus for the next phase of their lobbying efforts when they begin putting pressure on the U.S. Congress and other nations to force Turkey to pay reparations and give land to Armenia for a genocide, not proven in a court of law, that they allege Ottoman Turks committed about a century ago. When nations reply that they cannot try an empire that does not exist anymore for reparations, Armenians will reply, "Well your country accepted this resolution on that year".

Armenians argue that since many nations in the world (22 to be exact), recognize the Armenian Genocide, that it has to be true. However, those 22 countries have large majorities of Armenian voters and donors that will do anything for politicians that want to recognize the events of 1915 as genocide.

Armenians also enjoy diverting attention of people from the facts to the Turkish government. They will say "The Turkish government lobbies ferociously to get more politicians to deny the Armenian Genocide" or "Do not let the Turkish government bully politicians into denying the genocide that is a FACT, stop their denial train." However, people will not realize that Armenian organizations who are incredibly organized and quite rich, also lobby furiously and are actually a lot more successful.

Let's see some facts and statistics of Armenian donations to our lovely politicians who are voting for the Armenian Genocide resolution and think that it's absolutely urgently necessary that we condemn the Ottoman Empire for their alleged crimes. The following are donations made by organizations of Armenians, not individual donations:

2006 Election Cycle
Total Contribution by Armenian Political Action Committees: $202,501

2006 Election Cycle
Political Candidates Receiving Contributions from

Total Disbursements $163,854

Total Receipts $15,000
Total Disbursements $16,228

Total Receipts $22,090
Total Disbursements $21,078

There are definitely a lot more hundreds of thousands of dollars being donated that will help these representatives win their next elections, as long as they publicly continue to talk about the Armenian Genocide and how real it is and how awful and urgent it is that everyone knows about this 92 year old event. Especially since Armenians 92 years ago are more important than people being massacred in genocides right now in Africa.

Armenians in California have convinced the democratic representatives there, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to lead the charge of the Armenian Genocide Resolution H.R. 106. Their constituents are so rich and powerful, that even if Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff wanted to be honest and tell the truth about the fabricated Armenian Genocide, they would loose the next election for sure and a lot of their donors would immediately pull out. Many Armenians are so nationalistic and determined to pass these resolutions that they donate large sums of money, much more than many American citizens.

Since there aren't many Turks in their districts there is no loss for these representatives to vote for such preposterous Armenian Genocide resolutions. If Turkish relations are damaged for the wealth and gain in power of these representatives that is the administrations problem, not the representatives. However, the other constituents of Nancy Pelosi are Democrats, who oppose the Bush administration. Although Nancy Pelosi does not hate the administration or care much for it, she exploits democrats by consistently pretending to be in direct war with the administration. Yet here she is applauding and smiling for the president:
Bush Pelosi

Democrats deserve better representatives who are honest about their beliefs and actually want to contribute to the Democratic ideals, not a machine that is simply after the money and votes of the majority in her district.

Why is our tax money being used to vote on the Armenian Genocide?

Since when did politicians decide history? Since when did we pay our taxes to our US government so that they can use our money and time to vote on the "Armenian Genocide" an event that happened 92+ years ago with which the debate still goes on? Perhaps we voted for Nancy Pelosi and others like her who support the Armenian Genocide so that they can send a harsh message to the Ottoman Empire government of 1915.

Since when did Armenian votes count for more than American votes? Since when did we decide events that are centuries old are more important than issues today such as the Staph infection disease that's been spreading in our schools around the country, the Iraq war, current misunderstandings with Russia, or Iran's bold remarks against Israel and the United States. We use to be a country that use to talk about how we would try our best to end poverty, unemployment, disease, and how we would explore space and find or create life on other planets. Now all we talk about is war, fighting, and recently a debated genocide.

Nancy Pelosi does not even respect Secularism which is the separation of Church and State and she is trying to fight against an ally now about a supposed genocide that the Ottomans supposedly committed 92+ years ago. It seems like this politician never went to history class, perhaps she never had an American History class, otherwise she would know that us Americans are not any more innocent than what she's condemning other countries for.

Nancy Pelosi

She must have forgotten that our soldiers were brought back from Vietnam because of increasing reports of American soldiers burning villages, killing Vietnamese civilians suspected of being Vietcong, and our B-52 bombers dropped 8 million tons of bombs on Vietnam from 1965 to 1973. The United States has dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan, innocent civilians in the thousands died, but it was justified as it would save many U.S. troops. We imprisoned all Japanese-Americans in camps in order to keep them from spying on us. We enslaved Africans for centuries and even lynched many African-Americans in public. We also happened to wipe out the Native Indians, all 6 million of them, although just not overnight; though we did forcefully relocate the Cherokee Indians (many died), just like the Ottomans relocated the Armenians (many died). The difference was the Ottoman Empire was at war, the United States on the other hand, just needed more land. Considering our own record, Congress needs to drop the "Holier than thou" attitude, before other countries start passing resolutions on us! They need to understand that not everyone is innocent, and history needs to be decided by historians not by politicians.

Armenians argue that they only want this resolution to pass so that Turkey stops denying a genocide that "the whole world has accepted," which is simply false. They argue that genocide needs to be condemned whenever and where-ever it happens. Although we never see Armenians apologizing for the Azeri Genocide during 1992 where they've massacred Azerbaijani's to take back what they say is their ancient homelands. The question is, how will condemning the Ottoman Empire for the killing of Armenians, going to change anything? Is it to bring closure to the very few senior citizens still left alive from that time and place? Is it to make peace between Armenians and Turks? or Is it a precursor to gain reparations and land from Turkey for Armenia which is their ultimate dream?

The answer is C, because it will never bring closure, it will simply ignite more arguments, fighting, and horrid memories. It can't be making peace, because it only sent relations between Turkey and Armenia back centuries, it has made Armenians and Turks hate each other even more. As Hrant Dink an Armenian journalist in Turkey said "Armenians are the doctors of the Turks, and Turks are the doctors of the Armenians."

Let's not involve foreign politicians into this matter and let's let the historians decide.