On October 27th 1999 at 5 PM, armed terrorists killed the Prime Minister and 7 other high ranking officials in an effort to eliminate political enemies of the terrorists. It is rumored that Robert Kocharyan was the mastermind of the attack.


The shooting started when five gunmen that hid their weapons under their coats stormed into the Parliament chambers led by Nairi Hunanyan with automatic rifles. The terrorists killed Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan, Parliamentary Speaker Karen Demirchyan, Deputy Speakers Yuri Bakhshyan and Ruben Miroyan, Armenia's Emergencies Minister Leonard Petrosyan, and at least three others. They announced they were staging a coup d'├ętat and claimed that they wanted to punish "corrupt officials."
They freed 40 passages and surrendered after they negotiated with the President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, that they would have a fair trial, safe passage, and were allowed to speak on National television. The leader said they only intended to kill the Prime minister, and the others were a mistake.

Shooting Video


President Robert Kocharyan

According to some experts Robert Kocharyan, created the Armenian Parliament Shooting in order to eliminate his political opposition that could compete with him in the elections. In October 2001, thousands marched in the streets of Yereven on the second anniversary of the killings, demanding Kocharyan's removal.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/1622868.stm

The video shows how Armenians find the ARF-supported leader Robert Kocharyan one of the masterminds responsible for the terrorist attack and portrays Robert Kocharian as a dictator. In 1998, the ARF (Armenian Revolutionary Federation; Dashnaks) were unbanned from Armenia, with the help of Robert Kocharyan and the justice ministry.


The reason for this article, is not to make Armenians look bad in anyway, because that is not our goal. It's to show the Armenians themselves that every time they criticize the Turkish Republic or World Organizations (or try to intimidate them) when talking about the Armenian genocide theory, and trying to portray Turks as an "evil race", they should remember that they themselves are not perfect, and that they too have perpetrated horrible crimes in the past, such as the ARF's massacres of 500,000+ Turkish civilians in the Ottoman Empire. And even more recent events of mobilizing massacres of Azeri's in Karabakh, and conquering of Azeri lands.

The conclusion you should draw from this subject is that, when you hear from Armenians about their genocide theory, thats only a tip of the iceburg of the real amount of information dealing with the history of the Armenian Rebellion. The important idea here is that, the Armenians are not a weak minority that was bullied but a numerous number of violent rebel armies that have committed horrific acts in the past which they try to hide when they talk about their genocide theory. Of course not all Armenians ever wanted to be a part of this dark history of Armenia, but many were forced or pressured to do so.