Armenian Genocide Resolution

On December 22nd 2010, congress did not schedule a vote for US House Resolution 252, also known as the "Armenian Genocide Bill of 2009-2010". The resolution will now have to be reintroduced in the next congress under a new number.

It was introduced in May 2009, and passed the foreign affairs committee vote 23-22. Co-sponsors for the resolution include Frank Pallone Jr., Edward Royce, Adam Schiff, Jackie Speier and Brad Sherman.

Is it any surprise that they are all funded by Armenian organizations with donations and they represent areas in which there are plenty of Armenian-American nationalists? In addition, the ANCA has donated significantly to many of those in favor of this resolution.

This is what's called ethnic lobbying. It's just as bad as corporate lobbying but worse, because it represents an agenda of hatred--of opening old wounds.

So why is this bill important for Armenians? According to the ANCA, the resolution represents a way to stop human rights violations? What does that human rights have to actually do with it? Nothing.

The reason they want this resolution, is because of their nationalist aim to attack Turks. In essence, they believe they were wronged in World War I, and their revenge is to equate Turks with Nazis and use this as a foundation to launch lawsuits against Turkey (the successor state of the Ottoman Empire) for an event over 90 years old. The resolution itself is filled with falsehoods; it makes a mockery of the US congress as an entity that doesn't bother checking facts.

Of course the bill will be introduced again and again by Armenian organizations, until Americans begin to vote out these corrupt politicians who use ethnic groups as tools to fund their campaigns.

What would change if H.R. 252 or something similar passed? Armenians would simply become even more aggressive about the genocide, and now use the fact that they were able to pass a resolution in congress as another "piece of evidence" to say that the Turks are guilty.

In other words: all this resolution does is promote hatred and continues to put fuel on the fire of ethnic tension between Turks and Armenians.