Nancy Pelosi

The idea of politicians debating, discussing, and explaining history was once thought to be a career killer. However, thanks to the powerful Armenian lobbies in the United States, congressmen face very little consequences because of the large Armenian-American population in the United States supporting them.

The Armenian Genocide was once again used to take advantage of Armenian voters in the event at the Capitol Hill's Cannon Caucus Room.

In attendance were pro-Armenian congressmen, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, representatives of the Armenian American community, Armenia's Ambassador to the United States, and Armenian religious figures.

Nancy Pelosi started with her usual line:

Nancy Pelosi wrote:
It is long past the time for the United States to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide

House Democratic Majority leader Steny Hoyer called on President Obama to recognize and accept the Armenian Genocide and expressed support for any upcoming genocide resolutions.

Democrat Brad Sherman said “if Turkey doesn't recognize its past, it could never be a modern country and real friend of America.”

Considering that Turkey is a strong NATO ally of the United States, one would think a congressmen would greatly fear offending an ally, especially one who lost hundreds of thousands of people during 1915, and is now being blamed for genocide without any evidence.

Representatives Frank Pallone and Adam Schiff once again repeated the speeches they had made for years to farm the Armenian votes.

Ambassador Markarian said that Armenia should not be forced to choose between normalization of relations and recognition of the genocide. In addition, he said that the U.S. recognition of genocide will be strong message to the world.

One would question what that message may be. Perhaps a message such as "Do not commit to alliances with the United States, because our congressmen will interpret your history based on what lobbyists tell them about it and then make negative judgments about your people and your history."

Has anyone learned when and where Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her history degree? How is she so sure the genocide happened? Has she read the hundreds of books that contradict each other and have different perspectives on the events of 1915?

Has she analyzed or read any official US documents from the United States NARA archives, such as "US Archives NARA, T 1192 R2. 860J.01-395" that says 625,000 Armenians survived by 1921, completely contradicting the Armenian Genocide resolutions that claim 1,500,000 Armenians were killed in 1915?

The worst part about all this, is the fact that these representatives and senators are using your tax money to waste time on this complex historical and academic debate that has been raging for almost a century.