Nazi Hitler

The history channel presented a documentary discussing Nazi Germany, Hitler, and the story of the Germans who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler. This documentary was created very recently probably in response to the new Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie directed by Bryan Singer. The idea is conscience versus country. The Nazis had created great crimes against humanity especially against the Jewish people. Armenians try to equate Ottomans and especially Turks to the Nazi Germans even though there is serious doubt, by world renowned historians who study Ottoman History such as Dr. Bernard Lewis, that an Armenian Genocide ever took place.

The Germans have since been vilified all over the world even if they had nothing to do with Nazi Germany. However, unlike the Jews and everyone who blame the Nazis for genocide, the Armenians blame the Turks for genocide rather than simply the Committee of Union and Progress.

Instead of saying "The CUP Ottoman Empire committed genocide," Armenians say "The genocide committed by Turkey" or "Turks". They justify this by saying, "well the Turks still deny it." The problem is, the Holocaust is a proven genocide, but the alleged Armenian Genocide has never been proven.

The reason some people believe it is proven, is because Armenians continue to distribute forgeries to journalists and historians around the world hoping to find someone that will support their cause for reparations. They find many, maybe because the person they find is Islamophobic, maybe has anti-Turkish tendencies already, or simply because of their ignorance of history.

While the Germans still carry the guilt of Nazi Germany, the Turks carry an artificial guilt that is created by Armenian propagandists.

The Armenians find the Armenian Genocide narrative extremely unifying for Armenians, keeping generations of Armenians working toward a common cause and keeping them organized and preventing assimilation of Armenians in Western societies. While the Turks are only beginning to learn about the many organizations of Armenians that have been laying the seeds of propaganda throughout the West. Some Armenians still hope that one day the Turks will accept their version of history, apologize, and pay reparations for losses they believe they received.

The truth is far from it. The delusion is created by their own refusal to come to terms with their loss in World War I as part of the Allies.

Accepting loss is much more difficult then assuming that they are the victims equal to the Jews.

The worst chapter of this story is that the real victims, the Muslim villagers throughout Anatolia who suffered millions of losses at the hands of the Allies and Armenian Revolutionary Federation are being blamed for genocide.

If you wonder why so many people believe in the Armenian Genocide, you should understand that the dead cannot speak, but the ones who survive can. It is because of this reason, that the Armenians have been able to spread their misinformation, because they lost the war, but they survived it in large significant numbers.

They claim they lost millions of lives but in reality those statistics come from migration not of death tolls.