This is a video about famous Armenians who live in Turkey, who do not revolve their lives around a myth that the Armenian diaspora has invented. They are all loved, contrary to how Armenian propagandists tell people that Turkey is a place that suppresses people of different religion or ethnicity. Turkey is a democratic country, with democratic elections, and has full freedom of speech for all its people, regardless of their background.

Armenian-Americans in Turkey

There are approximately 77,000 Armenians that live prosperously in Turkey. Some of them believe in the genocide and some of them do not. Yet all of them have respect for Turks and they do not live in fear, contrary to Armenian propagandists' beliefs.

Armenian Patriach of Istanbul

In fact, the leader of the Armenian patriarch in Turkey, Mesrop II Mutafian, also does not believe in the Armenian genocide theory and clearly says there was no intention by the Ottoman government to exterminate a whole race.