No, a propaganda site presents a view that is not based on facts, but based on an agenda to mislead the reader into believing something that's not necessarily true. Our website does not promote propaganda, if you feel that an article is biased, please feel free to contact us.

AGD offers analysis and facts to present views on an controversial issue. We present a neutral view; we do not claim that only Turks were killed by Armenians during World War I and we do not support the "Turkish Genocide" allegation. Furthermore, we also do not support the "Armenian Genocide" allegation because we do not believe that only Armenians were killed as a result of genocidal plans.

We strive to show that while many Armenians were massacred, they were not massacred by the government's orders or encouragement.

So when you hear anyone call someone who disagrees with the term "genocide", as "denialists" or "revisionists", you should remember that conclusions and research constantly changes.

Furthermore, facts can be misinterpreted to lead to a different conclusion in history. History does change; it is a science, that continuously is corrected to represent the truth.

When organizations want others to think that refusing to accept the term "genocide" to interpret complex history, is "denialism" or "revisionism", please consider that research can change and that such thinking is what led to genocides in our world in the first place.