Steve Cohen Peter Musurlian

Peter Musurlian, an Armenian-American filmmaker barged into Steve Cohen's house, where he was holding a news conference. Peter Musurlian started interrupting Steve Cohen's news conference and refused to leave the house when requested by the campaign staff. Steve Cohen then got up, went to Peter Musurlian, told him to leave immediately, to which Musurlian replied that he needed to get his stuff. Steve Cohen, already enraged by the constant harassment by Peter Musurlian told him to leave repeatedly and when he wouldn't budge, Steve Cohen slightly pushed him out of his home.

The Video of the "Assault"

The whole scene can be witnessed at the Fox13 Memphis Video.

Steve Cohen's Perspective

Steve Cohen who looked upset, said immediately after Musurlian left "This Armenian guy that's coming from California, has been harassing me... This is something I've never seen before." Steven Cohen had not realized earlier the Pandora's box he had opened.

Peter Musurlian had been harassing him in many campaign stops all over Tennessee and would not leave him alone because to Musurlian, voting No for the "Armenian Genocide Resolution" was to him, an insult.

Steve Cohen explains that

Steve Cohen wrote:
A declaration that there was an Armenian Genocide, which Turkey's government is against, the United States State Department, General Petraeus, all level headed people, president Clinton and president Carter all said it would be a mistake to do it. And I opposed it as well and helped defeat it.

John McCain has also refused to call it an Armenian Genocide. Including world renowned Ottoman, Genocide, and Islamic historians and scholars like Bernard Lewis, Guenter Lewy, and Justin McCarthy as well have rejected the idea that the Ottoman government committed genocide. Instead they argue that ethnic conflict between different groups, coupled with an Armenian rebellion caused the deaths of thousands of Armenians but also thousands of Turks as well.

Peter Musurlian's Defense

Peter Musurlian defended saying

Peter Musurlian wrote:
He refuses to call it genocide as half the members of congress do, twenty countries, and forty states. And he fought against it, and we want to know why he's fighting against it, when he is Jewish and has the Holocaust in his history.

It should be noted that the twenty countries that recognize the Armenian Genocide usually have a large majority of Armenians who actively campaigned to have it recognized by parliaments as part of a globalized recognition effort.

However, a congress or parliament recognizing genocide is simply wrong, because a parliament is not a judge; parliaments are not courts and politicians are not historians. Absolutely no study or research was conducted before they made the decision to vote and it was purely initiated by votes and contributions from Armenians.

Armenian Genocide

The Holocaust is a completely different issue, it is a proven genocide that has been documented all over the world and by the Nazis themselves. The alleged Armenian Genocide has never been proven, many of the evidence was proven to be forgeries by Armenians and even the British Malta military tribunals 1920-22 released all the Ottoman prisoners of war because they found no evidence to support any orders of mass killings.

Moreover, evidence has been uncovered only in recent years through research in the Turkish national archives that have begun to change people's perception on the events, historians uncovered new research thinking that--maybe we were wrong to condemn the Turks for genocide for so many years.

Armenian Terrorism and Harassment of Academics

Research on the events have been pressured by Armenian activists and lobbyists who harassed historians who disagreed, even bombed Stanford Shaw's house when he rejected the Armenian Genocide thesis in the 1970s.

Steve Cohen wrote:
There have been Armenians who have assassinated and killed many people including many people in this country in Los Angeles in the 70's and 80s'
This was the work of JCAG (Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide) and ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for Liberating Armenia) which were established by Armenian-Americans and this underground terrorist network assassinated many Turkish diplomats, civilians, and officials. They killed U.S. and French citizens in car bombs and rifle assaults in order to promote the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Such harassment and terrorism has made most scholars too afraid to research the events. Using media outlets and Public Action Committees the Armenian community has been actively seeking recognition of the genocide but have failed to provide proof when requested. Instead they simply cite forgeries, telegrams by enemies of the Ottoman Empire who made wild accusations, and the British Blue Book which was used in World War One to promote Anti-Turkish and Anti-German propaganda to get the United States to enter World War One.

Historians have since rethought the whole Armenian Genocide, and discovered that the Ottoman Empire was really not responsible for Armenian deaths directly. Though some still argue that they indirectly caused them through the relocation laws, which were justified by the vast proven Armenian Rebellion. Today, the only historians that still support the Armenian Genocide thesis are Armenian historians.

Though Peter Musurlian filed an assault charge on Steve Cohen, the video shows that it was barely battery and it is not likely to stick considering the harassment that Steve Cohen faced. If Steve Cohen had been born a woman, Peter Musurlian would probably be in jail for stalking and harassment.

Other Harassment by Armenian-Genocideomaniacs

Recently, some facebook users have mentioned they have been harassed by Peter Musurlian as well for simply supporting the politician Steve Cohen. As a result of Peter Musurlian's harassment, many facebook users have begun to support Steve Cohen's page on facebook because so many people report being harassed by Armenian-Genocide Activists (obsessed Armenian Genocide supporters) like Peter Musurlian. They were harassed because they refused to believe in a genocide that has no proof and they find that a failed Armenian Revolution is simply more logical and substantiated by historical evidence.