Barack Obama Armenian

A person from the crowd asks now President-Elect Barack Obama, "[Will you support S.R. 106, and will you speak to Joe Biden about his support]?" Senator Obama then responds discusses the events of 1915 and condemns the Turks for committing this genocide against the Armenian people.

He says "[The genocide that DID happen to the Armenian people. The Turkish government has been in denial and others too and it has become a sore spot in diplomacy, I'll check with my staff before I sign on to that resolution.]".

One question that would be asked is why the senator readily accepts the Armenian Genocide when he is not a historian and is not qualified to comment on this controversial issue. He didn't say "I believe" or "I think"-- he claims it did happen for sure, ignoring the historical disagreement on the issue.

Senator Biden, Senator Obama's running mate, has been a sponsor of Armenian Genocide bills and supported any tactics that could damage Turkish-American relations.

For decades the Democrats have sided with Armenians and Greeks, while the Republicans have sided with Republicans.

Though there are many Turks who support the Democratic party, eventually the Turks will unite together with the Republicans and begin to form strong opposition to future Armenian Genocide Resolutions. After all, the Republicans and especially Senator John McCain, has been very supportive of Turkey, Turkish relations, and opposed the Armenian Genocide resolutions and has never used the word Armenian Genocide.

It seems the Democrats will constantly say what Turks want to hear in front of a Turkish audience, then turn around and say horrible things about the Turks and their history of tolerance when in front of an Armenian audience.

Eventually this double standard by the Democrats will bite them in the future. The Turks will not tolerate being blamed for something they believe they have not committed.

The debate of the Armenian Genocide continues, but it is clear that the Turks will be a major Republican voting bloc in the future. After all, the Armenians are a major Democratic voting bloc already, very few of them ever vote Republican, and they have positioned themselves time and time again as the Anti-Turkish voting bloc.

Senator Obama and Senator Biden have continued their support for Anti-Turkish policies. Senator Obama's support for Anti-Turkish organizations such as the ANCA, have put him at odds with the Turkish people. Turks this election year, have voted heavily for John McCain.

The real question is, now that Senator Obama is the president elect, will he back down on his promises and do what's right by supporting the Turkish people after he accused them of genocide earlier?

Will Senators Obama and Biden take a more positive stance for world peace by promoting Turkish-Armenian relations rather than an unproven genocide?