It is important to note that Turkish Denial is always a key argument in Armenian Genocide supporters and that we need to understand whether this denial is a truth or a lie. In order to do this, you must take yourself out of the picture and stop picking sides, and start picking facts. Many people will claim the other side is being biased, and even the people claiming they are unbiased are usually biased. It's important to act as a detective which is what historians do when looking for facts.

As professor Dr. Justin McCarthy said "[It is important to understand that if you look into history with your mind made up already, you will always find facts that support your claims.]" That is a paraphrasing of course, but he is trying to explain that when Armenian Genocide supporters look into a large aggregate data of facts, or a historical document, they are looking for facts to support their claims, they already made up their minds, and are just looking for something to support it while ignoring the facts that are against it.

An example of this would be, if you believe the car is broken because you sneezed into the engine, and then you take the engine apart, and there are liquids inside, and thus you say "See, I have proven that my sneezing has caused the problem", when there might be other evidence around that may be something along the lines of a) you are long overdue for some car maintenance or b) you need to refill your gas tank.

Armenian Genocide issue is not something simple, it is a complex issue that only historians and researchers should attempt to explain. The Turkish Denial, is a buzz-word that Armenian's use to make the Turks seem evil.

As for Armenian Genocide supporters reading this, that think this article is biased, please refer to the facts and articles written by other people, a site like Wikipedia where Armenian Genocide supporters are everywhere, is a great place to start:

It should be noted that these articles in fact, mostly favor the Armenian Genocide. But notice the wording, the dates, and the overall facts. The fact is, these are all resistances among Armenian rebels, creating insurgencies all over the Ottoman Empire BEFORE 1915 "Armenian Genocide". This was crystal clear to everyone, that it is violence between Ottomans, Turks, Kurds, Muslims, Christians, Armenians, where many people died, but it must be understood that it wasn't the Ottoman government against Armenians alone. It wasn't simply massacres, there were massacres on all sides in all different methods. There was terrorism by Armenians, and there was brutality by Muslim AND Armenian civilians as well.

Of course, the Ottoman Empire must restore order in its own cities, and so yes, sometimes Armenians even died at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, but it should be noted that these Armenians were armed and dangerous, much like police today may shoot a man with a gun pointed at the police. The overall fact though, is that there was no direct order of mass killing of Armenians, there was no mass murder weapon or weapons of mass destruction, which was used in World War II by Hitler (Gas chambers, labor camps), there was no such camps or evidence of any type of mass killing methods during World War I except by simple swords and guns. This was all out war, hence the name World War I.

Now, the overall lesson that should be understood, is that there was a large Armenian resistance, where the Armenians had already tried to declare independence many times, getting courage from the Greek Independence, the British/Allied persuasions of Armenian Leaders to revolt, and the Arab revolts and independences. This was at a time when the Ottoman Empire was collapsing, while it was trying to hold on to its own territories. During this period there were many revolts, independences, attacks, and war fronts. It should be noted that the Ottoman Empire had no time to commit a real genocide, there was no systematic killings, and absolutely no hate speeches or prior hate among Armenian-Turkish populations.

The Turkish denial is used throughout the Armenian Argument when supporting the Armenian Genocide. They make buzz-words and T-Shirts like "The Turkish Denial Machine". They try to make Turks look like Nazis, even making up quotes of Hitler, or making it seem like the Turks planned the Holocaust. They even make fake human rights organizations, websites, and any other type of propaganda to make it seem like the Turks are just denying the facts. When the fact is, it is the Armenian Genocide supporters ignoring facts, creating their own false facts, and spamming people with hate, victimization, and propaganda. Their ultimate goal is the total hate of Turks and the Republic of Turkey, they want everyone in the world to look at Turks as genocide-lovers over what? Over a lost independence war during World War I, not a genocide.

They use the word Turkish Denial, similar to how kids use it in middle school or high school. Kids may make up a rumor like "You know Bobby likes to pick his nose and throws up in the bathrooms all the time." No one knows whether the rumor is true, but they believe that person for the time being anyway. If Bobby comes up to people and says "No that's not true, I never pick my nose, there is no proof or evidence of me picking my nose, and who said I was the one throwing up in the bathroom, what if that was someone else?" Well the rumor-spreaders may reply "Bobby is in denial, you don't have to lie man, stop denying it." Well although that's not evidence of rumors being true, it does convince one or two people that it is true, and the rumor spreads even more. A good quote may come in handy here: "A lie travels round the world while Truth is putting on her boots" (Used by C.H. Sturgeon, famed English preacher of the 19th century).

It is important to understand, that by using false witnesses, making up evidence, lying constantly, people come to a point where they have to just "pick one side" and they pick the side that constantly floods them with propaganda usually. Not everyone, but definitely many people around the world are convinced that the Armenian Genocide is real, without even reading a single book on the issue, or maybe they read one or two propaganda books.

If you tell your mother that she smells a lot (that is very mean, please don't do this), and then she doesn't believe you at first and goes and takes a shower, but then you get your brother in on the joke, and your father in on the joke, and they all say she smells, she may start panicking and even go to a doctor for a full check up. This is what the Armenian propagandists do, flood you with false witnesses, false facts, false evidence, circumstantial evidence, and best of all, constant stream of propaganda and the appearance of "many people already know its true", they use the bandwagon approach many times. In fact, many Armenian Genocide supporter's main argument is "Well so many countries recognize the Armenian Genocide", but they fail to name the 22 countries that do, and that every single one has a large majority of Armenian voters.

Eventually the truth will be known and will conquer the lies, as long as the researches and historians that tell the truth continue to show evidence that there was no genocide during 1915. That there was killings, but there was killings and massacres on all sides, and does not fall under the category of genocide.

This is the basic response of the Turkish government on any mention of ethnic cleansing that supposedly occurred during 1915:
(a) there is no record of (neither from origination archives nor from destination archives in Syria) an effort to develop a systematic process and efficient means of killing, (b) there are no lists or other methods for tracing the Armenian population to assemble and kill as many people as possible, (c) there was no resource allocation to exterminate Armenians (biological, chemical warfare allocations), and the use of morphine as a mass extermination agent is not accepted; in fact, there was a constant increase in food and support expenses and these efforts continued after the end of deportations, (d) there is no record of Armenians in forced deportations being treated as prisoners, (e) the claims regarding prisoners apply only to the leaders of the Armenian militia, but did not extend to ethnic profiling; the size of the security force needed to develop these claims was beyond the power of the Ottoman Empire during 1915, (f) there is no record of prisons designed or built to match the claims of a Holocaust, (g) there were no public speeches organized by the central government targeting Armenians.

Many Armenian Genocide supporters say that the genocide is real, and they admit that Turks and Muslims did die as well, they can't deny that undeniable fact. However, they claim it was "self-defense", even though some of which happened before 1915? Since the late 1800s in fact. This was pure terrorism and nationalism that continues to this day, in fact, many Armenians still believe that eventually when the whole world recognizes the Armenian Genocide, that Turkey will be forced to pay reparations and the UN will divide Turkey so that their 1915 dream of "Greater Armenia" referring to most of Eastern Turkey as being Armenian land (They even have Mount Ararat, a Turkish mountain on their coins).

It should also be noted that the reason the Armenian Genocide issue has been so pumped up, is because during World War I, Britain and Allies tried to demonize the Central Powers (Ottomans, Germans, Austrio-Hungarians) as being evil, they made Turks seem like they massacre Armenians for fun or because they just "don't like 'em", even though they lived together in peace for more than 600 years. The propaganda created was so vast that Britain even wrote books on the Armenian Genocide to further the cause. However, after World War I, even Churchill said that there was no Armenian Genocide, and they released all the Ottoman government officials captured and prisoned on an island when there was no evidence of crimes against humanity. They regarded all the propaganda books presented in the courts as false lies and dismissed them immediately.

This article is not meant to be skim-read, and it should be read carefully, and the ideas should be understood without dismissing the whole article as a "false-propaganda" or a "biased-article". This article has quite a lot of research and merit, and looking at it through a logical standpoint rather than ONE point of view, will help you understand that there is no Armenian Genocide, and that it is simply ethnic violence and numerous civil wars that took place during 1915 where the Armenian Independence movement was finally crushed with the soon-after end of the Ottoman Empire, the issue was settled as World War I and all the losses on Ottoman, Armenian, Kurdish, Turkish, Islamic, and Christian sides were mourned. And peace can now come.

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