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The Russian archives are an invaluable source of information regarding the events in 1915 labeled as the Armenian Genocide. However, the story of Armenia can only be understood if one looks at it in context of World War I. In this time, many nations rebelled and established their kingdoms. Austria-Hungary lost many territories, the Ottoman Empire lost so much territory that 50+ countries were formed out of its lands. Russia was instrumental in reshaping territories in the east as part of the Triple Entente (Russia, France, Great Britain), which Russia joined in 1907.

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Hitler's Armenian Genocide Quote is a paragraph from Hitler's alleged second speech to his Wehrmacht commanders, a week before the invasion of Poland in August 22, 1939.

Armenians are a proud people, and if you aren't Turkish and you don't deny their unproven genocide, they are also a very friendly people. I've met many Armenians over the years, since I am American, they are extremely friendly to me, and for that reason, I do not discuss this topic with them. That is of course, until they google my name and read some of my articles that disagree with the notion of an Armenian Genocide. After which, they will either disassociate themselves with me, or they will come by and either try to convince me or argue with me. I'm sure many of you, no matter where you are from, have encountered Armenians who try to convince you of the genocide.

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A common misconception blames Turkish nationalism as the cause of Armenian massacres in Turkey; however, Turkish nationalism did not exist before the 1920s and sometimes Ottoman nationalism is confused with Turkish nationalism. Starting in the 1920s, Turkish nationalism was founded upon the determination of the Turks to survive World War I. The Sevrés Treaty and Sykes-Picot agreements were part of the Entente Powers' & their Anti-Turkish Nationalist allies' plans to divide the crumbling Ottoman Empire.

This is a brief, concise explanation of the Armenian Revolt and the subsequent suppression.

Some Armenians have compared the events prior to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the Holocaust. This comparison is very far-fetched, let's consider all the details of the Holocaust and the Armenian-Ottoman ethnic conflict.