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Since the 1990s most scholars and historians have changed their views once they began opening up more archival records with growing interest into what happened to Armenians.

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A French court declared on Feb. 28th that the law criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide that passed the legislature is unconstitutional.

Armenian Genocide Resolution

On December 22nd 2010, congress did not schedule a vote for US House Resolution 252, also known as the "Armenian Genocide Bill of 2009-2010". The resolution will now have to be reintroduced in the next congress under a new number.

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Turkish historians have been interviewing villagers in Turkey and researching historical archives of the Ottoman Empire for decades. Their investigation currently suggests that the event labeled as the Armenian Genocide is not a genocide as defined by the United Nations.

Nancy Pelosi

The idea of politicians debating, discussing, and explaining history was once thought to be a career killer. However, thanks to the powerful Armenian lobbies in the United States, congressmen face very little consequences because of the large Armenian-American population in the United States supporting them.

The Armenian Genocide was once again used to take advantage of Armenian voters in the event at the Capitol Hill's Cannon Caucus Room.

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Barack Obama has announced his vice presidential nominee as Delaware Senator Joe Biden, head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the 110th Congress. Joe Biden is well known in Turkey for having taken an anti-Turkish stance on all occasions and creating problems for American-Turkish relations.

Barack Obama has distanced himself from Turkey (a NATO ally since 1952, that the United States still has many bases in), Azerbaijan, Israel, and even the Iranian-Diaspora. He lost the Turkish, Azerbaijan, and Israeli votes when he tried to claim there was a U.S.-Armenian relationship and pledged to recognize a genocide that many world renowned historians such as Dr. Bernard Lewis, Dr. Stanford Shaw, Dr. Justin McCarthy, Dr. Norman Stone, Guenter Lewy and many other Western scholars dispute.