The Armenian Genocide has a lot of misconceptions and many believe it to be true (due to propaganda), though most logical evidence suggests it wasn't a genocide but a complex vicious cycle of wars between civilian populations and turmoil in Eastern Anatolia while many Armenians died, we should acknowledge that Turks, Kurds, and other Muslims were killed as well with no involvement of the Ottoman Government. Many politicians regardless of their party have used this historical issue that's still under study by many historical researches, historians, and sociologists and is not settled yet, to grab some quick votes and receive in full the Armenian-American votes. Many debates have been proposed to Armenia by the Turkish government to once and for all settle the argument even though the Ottoman Empire had won this debate once before during 1918 in the island of Malta.

Some Armenians have compared the events prior to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the Holocaust. This comparison is very far-fetched, let's consider all the details of the Holocaust and the Armenian-Ottoman ethnic conflict.

Armenian Genocide Supporters have all kinds of arguments, but very rarely can come up with any factual evidence. All the might and power of the Armenian propaganda machine has failed to get the whole world to accept the genocide, and some wonder why, and there are some that wonder how they even got this far.