The Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.R. 106) was created to condemn and insult Turkey in order to promote more Turkish hatred by the outside world. This hatred will form the impetus for the next phase of their lobbying efforts when they begin putting pressure on the U.S. Congress and other nations to force Turkey to pay reparations and give land to Armenia for a genocide, not proven in a court of law, that they allege Ottoman Turks committed about a century ago. When nations reply that they cannot try an empire that does not exist anymore for reparations, Armenians will reply, "Well your country accepted this resolution on that year".

Ottoman, British, German, and Russian archives all point to Armenian massacres as well as Ottoman massacres perpetrated by Armenians. They do not state that there was a genocide. In fact, the Ottoman archives in Istanbul are currently free for any historian to look at to verify the facts told in this article. While Turkey accepts fully that there were many massacres of Armenians and acknowledges many Armenians died during the war, they reject the idea that there is an Armenian Genocide, because while atrocities were committed against Armenians, Ottoman Muslims were victims of atrocities and massacres as well.

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April 24th, 1915 is discussed by Armenians as the Armenian Genocide Day. According to Armenians, many of them say the Armenian Genocide started on this date. According to Armenian sources, they say 200 "Armenian intellectuals" were arrested in "Constantinople", according to the "Armenian Genocide" article on Wikipedia. They call it Constantinople even though it was renamed as Istanbul since 1453, I guess it's another low blow for propagandists to keep ancient Christian names on cities that they believe doesn't belong to Muslims.

To pretend H. Res. 106 is about condemning 'another government from another time' and has nothing to do with the Turkey or Turks of today is disingenuous to say the least.

One should be blind to history not to understand the Turks.
The dignified silence of the Turks against the mounting unjustified
attacks and mean slanders can only be explained by their pity for the

Pass through the gateways of this book, turn to the way of God, study its tales, read and see that God, in His wisdom and understanding, rendered this Turkish nation great.... The Turks is the rod of

These are real historians who have been criticized for denying the Armenian Genocide mostly by Armenian scholars.

It is important to note that Turkish Denial is always a key argument in Armenian Genocide supporters and that we need to understand whether this denial is a truth or a lie. In order to do this, you must take yourself out of the picture and stop picking sides, and start picking facts. Many people will claim the other side is being biased, and even the people claiming they are unbiased are usually biased. It's important to act as a detective which is what historians do when looking for facts.