Turkish Payroll

Turkish historians have been interviewing villagers in Turkey and researching historical archives of the Ottoman Empire for decades. Their investigation currently suggests that the event labeled as the Armenian Genocide is not a genocide as defined by the United Nations.

Armenians are a proud people, and if you aren't Turkish and you don't deny their unproven genocide, they are also a very friendly people. I've met many Armenians over the years, since I am American, they are extremely friendly to me, and for that reason, I do not discuss this topic with them. That is of course, until they google my name and read some of my articles that disagree with the notion of an Armenian Genocide. After which, they will either disassociate themselves with me, or they will come by and either try to convince me or argue with me. I'm sure many of you, no matter where you are from, have encountered Armenians who try to convince you of the genocide.

April 24

In April 24th, 1915, approximately 250 Armenian Revolutionary Federation leaders and high ranking officers were arrested for their roles in the siege and capture of Van, an Ottoman city and their attempt to hand the city over to the Russians (Allies) during desperate hours of the Russian invasion of Ottoman Turkey in World War I.

Nancy Pelosi

The idea of politicians debating, discussing, and explaining history was once thought to be a career killer. However, thanks to the powerful Armenian lobbies in the United States, congressmen face very little consequences because of the large Armenian-American population in the United States supporting them.

The Armenian Genocide was once again used to take advantage of Armenian voters in the event at the Capitol Hill's Cannon Caucus Room.

The Armenian National Committee of America is a political organization created by Armenian-Americans in the United States, that focuses on politicians and local representatives to enact Armenian Genocide resolutions (almost forcing people to accept their version of history) against the Turkish-American community. They are the largest Armenian-American group and so they work with local chapters, lobbyists, and politicians to promote their malicious ideology.

The University of Michigan has an organization called the Knights of Vartan Armenian Research Center. The founder is Dr. Dennis R. Papazian, an Armenian-American that has numerous papers on Armenian history, specifically the Armenian Genocide. He is known for criticizing anyone who dares to voice dissent about his dogmatic conclusions about the Armenian Genocide.

Nazi Hitler

The history channel presented a documentary discussing Nazi Germany, Hitler, and the story of the Germans who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler. This documentary was created very recently probably in response to the new Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie directed by Bryan Singer. The idea is conscience versus country. The Nazis had created great crimes against humanity especially against the Jewish people. Armenians try to equate Ottomans and especially Turks to the Nazi Germans even though there is serious doubt, by world renowned historians who study Ottoman History such as Dr. Bernard Lewis, that an Armenian Genocide ever took place.

Evil Genocide

The question has been asked thousands of times, usually by foreigners who do not know the history of Ottoman-Armenian and Turkish-Armenian relations. They do not know who to point to and blame. They see the world in black and white, they are looking for an evil to blame. The Armenians want to blame the Turks for an Armenian Genocide. The Turks want to blame Armenians for a Turkish Genocide. Who's to blame?

PBS Armenian Genocide

"A Family Erased" is a documentary by Armenian director George Kachadorian, depicts the journey his father and two sisters take to Eastern Turkey to find the lost homes their family had migrated from in early 1900s. The documentary has the theme of the Armenian Genocide acknowledging it and promoting it's awareness through this personal anecdote.

Barack Obama Armenian

A person from the crowd asks now President-Elect Barack Obama, "[Will you support S.R. 106, and will you speak to Joe Biden about his support]?" Senator Obama then responds discusses the events of 1915 and condemns the Turks for committing this genocide against the Armenian people.